i might be wolverine

QUICK SOMEONE BUY ME PERSONA 4 i think that’s what i’m gonna ask for for christmas

also i need ps2 game suggestions because i can’t take my xbox with me when i move but i can take my ps2!!!



  1. horriblefuglybeasttoad answered: Oh man I love Persona4 so much. Anything by Shin Megami Tensen is pree good. Phantom Brave has hilariously awful voiceacting but fun combat
  2. keldeo said: UMMM okage + suikoden 3 + chulip + the harvest moon games are p cute
  3. pbpbpbptptppbpbtpptpb answered: klonoa 2 is pretty great if you like platformers?????
  4. tojiko-remade answered: Ico (good puzzle-platformer type game thing)
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